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Wholesale Towels for Gyms, Yoga Studios and More

Shatex provides a number of wholesale towels for your choosing. Whether you’re looking for a more luxurious feel or a cost-effective solution, you’re bound to find something in our collection. Our offerings include:

Double loop 100% full terry cloth white towel

Zen Organic Cotton Series

Our organic towels are made from 100% ring spun combed organic cotton and is GOTS certified to ensure the towels were free of pesticides and chemicals throughout the production process.

Stack of fresh towels on table in bathroom
Zen Organic Cotton Series

Shangri-La Series

For a luxurious feel and appearance, our Shangri-La towels are made from 100% combed cotton with long stable fibres for more durability.

Shangrila 100% cotton combed white towel

Adonis Series

For towels that are ideal for gyms and yoga studios, the Adonis collection is a more economical option. They are made from 100% ring spun cotton with full terry cloth.

Shangri-La series
Adonis series
Jacquard 100% combed cotton white towel

Jacquard Series

Our Jacquard collection is made from 100% combed cotton with heavy-duty double stitching to reduce fraying. They are extremely absorbent and have woven checkered border to add to the design.

Stack of 100% cotton white towels of different sizes
Jacquard series

Economical Series

Looking for a more cost-effective towel option to stock up your gym or yoga studio? Our economical series are available for only $30.00 for a set of 12 towels.

Stack of double loop full terry white cotton towel

Double Loop Series

If you’re for towels that are more cost-effective yet still luxurious, our double loop collection is made from 100% combed cotton with full terry cloth. They also have double stitching to reduce fraying.

Economical series
Double loop series
Breeze white soft touch towel

Breeze Series

Our Breeze series comes in two options. The Egyptian towel is made from luxurious, silky and durable Giza cotton. The Soft Touch towel is made of 100% ring spun cotton for enhanced absorbency.

Closeup shot of soft white cotton towels on top of each other
Breeze series

Chevron/Pacific Series

Made with 100% combed cotton, this collection of towels is extremely absorbent and durable. The face towel comes with a full terry and the hand and bath towels come with a dobby border.

Beautiful spa composition on table in wellness center

Cabana/Pool/Beauty Towels

Our cabana and pool towels are made from 100% cotton fabric with double stitching to resist fraying and increase usage. For beauty professionals, we also carry spa and salon towels for your choosing.

Chevron/Pacific series
Cabana/pool/beauty towels
Traditional Turkish bath material

TurKiss Towels

We sell soft, thin, lightweight and super-absorbent TurKiss towels for your comfort. These towels are woven on looms and made of 100% Turkish cotton. While it’s common to use these as beach and bath towels, you can also use them as scarves and yoga mats because of their thinness.

Traditional Turkish bath accessories
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