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Wholesale Clothing for Workers

Shatex distributes wholesale clothing for workers in the hospitality, science, healthcare and trades industries. We also sell robes and gowns for guests and patients.

Patient Apparel

In terms of patient apparel, our choices include patient gowns, isolation gowns, magna gowns and patient pajamas. For more security of privacy, our Eco-Gown™ patient gowns fully wraps around the body and ties in the front. Scrubs are also available for nurses and other workers in the health field.

Group of medical team in corridor of modern clinic

Work Apparel

For those working in construction or trades, you can choose from Shatex’s collection of coveralls. They are available in multiple colours for different purposes. We also carry a collection of spa coats for those working in the beauty industry. For healthcare professionals, our collection of lab coats includes traditional full-length coats and waist-length counter coats.

Young chef standing in professional kitchen in restaurant preparing a meal

Restaurant Apparel

In addition to offering table linens, we also have work apparel for those in the restaurant industry. Our kitchen apparel choices include chef coats, chef pants, cook shirts, aprons and cook pants.

Embroidery design alphabet monogram M on brown fabrics embroider by machine

Corporate and Team Apparel

Take advantage of our embroidery and screen printing services and brand your corporate or team apparel with your company logo.

Romantic couple enjoying honeymoon


To ensure your hotel guests are always cozy, we offer shower and dressing robes made from waffle, velour and microfiber materials.

Call us to order wholesale clothing.

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