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Fine Dining

Set the perfect table with luxurious yet durable table linens from Shatex

Linen Wholesale Distributer

Established in 1982, Shatex is a family operated wholesale linen distributing company in BC. We’ve been a trusted source of quality fabrics for restaurants, laundry companies, gyms, institutions and other distributors for over 30 years. We have a great collection of luxurious linen and towels available at our new state-of-the-art facility. Our products include:

  • Tablecloths and napkins

  • Patient gowns and scrubs

  • Lab coats

  • Blankets

  • Towels

  • Bed sheets and pillows

  • Miscellaneous items (umbrellas, pens, etc.)

Bedroom with comfortable bed

Wholesale Linens

Shatex distributes wholesale fabrics for a variety of purposes in the healthcare, industrial, hospitality and medical industry. Whether you’re looking to buy comfortable patient gowns to Corporate or Team Apparel, we offer superior quality at a competitive price point different from competitors. Our suppliers come from several different countries around the world, we ensure they are ethically and sustainability sound in all practices. Over the years, we’ve developed a close relationship with our overseas manufacturing facilities and deal with them directly. There is no middle-man in the process, which means more savings for our clients. In doing so, we are able to offer wholesale pricing. We trust that our vast sourcing ability and contacts will help us find almost any item you require at a reasonable cost.

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Exceptional Customer Service and Ethical Practices

We are proud to serve all businesses, no matter how large or small the establishment is. Whether you’re a local family restaurant or a large hospital, we provide all of our clients with the same care and customer service. At Shatex, we treat all of our clients as family and will put your needs above our own. Although our facility is located in British Columbia, we also extend our offerings to businesses across Canada. We follow sustainable and ethical practices while procuring the finest fabrics for towels, sheets, blankets and other quality apparel.

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We source our supplies from several countries to ensure you only get the best quality linens and apparels.

What We Offer

Look at our range of products:

Towel icon

Among the most crucial bathroom essentials are towels. We offer organic cotton towels suitable for those with allergic problems and delicate skin. For gym goers and yoga lovers, we provide quality cotton towels, making it easier to absorb sweat.

Bed sheet icon

Our bed sheets are soft and can make you feel calm and relaxed. There is a range of appealing patterns and colours that we offer. Our quality sheets are durable and are a good buying option for those looking for aesthetics with function.

Blanket icon

We offer blankets in various fabrics. Our coverings can lessen stress and make you feel relaxed.

Pillows icon

We have a range of soft blankets that are comfortable and warm. Our lightweight duvets are long-lasting and come in a range of colours, sizes, and materials. For back, neck and full-body support, we have a variety of comfortable pillows.

Kitchen Towels icon

Get kitchen towels that can help you in wiping any spills while cooking or arranging food. Whether cleaning the area near the sink, drying dishes or holding hot plates, our kitchen towels come in handy!

Kitchen Apparel icon

Our store has a variety of kitchen apparel in different colours and patterns. Aprons, dishcloths, table linen, chef coats, cook shirts, chef pants, and cook pants are some of the kitchen apparel that we have.

Apron icon

An apron is an essential garment that should always be worn while cooking and serving food. Our store has different sizes of aprons in varied colours and patterns for everyday cooking.

hospital gown icon

We provide long-lasting and soft patient apparel like hospital gowns for healthcare professionals and patients. Our apparel is of high quality and comes in different fabric sizes and weights. There are both modern and traditional colours and patterns present in our store.

sanitary clothing icon

For people involved in patient care, we offer good quality sanitary clothing. A scrub is a protective garment and essential apparel for nurses and surgeons engaged in patient care. It gives a professional look and helps in showcasing a personal style.

Lab Apparel icon

We offer lightweight lab apparel to protect people working in laboratories from lab hazards, radioactive material and spilled chemical material.

Work Apparel icon

We sell durable, safe workwear that makes workers look professional and ready to work.

Corporate Apparel icon

Dress up for work in our corporate attires, available in various sizes and colours. We have excellent quality business professional, business casual and tidy dresses.

jersey icon

People working in teams on the ground or for any event can come to our store as we also sell team jerseys that look professional and ensure safety in all work conditions. 

Table Skirt icon

Our table skirts have an appealing layering that enhances the look of the table. You can get an array of table skirts in different shades and printed patterns.

Reference Guide icon

Reference Guide

For every product usage and its features, a reference guide is given. Our fabrics are of good quality, and you can refer to the product details that are given along with the product.

Colour Chart icon

There is a wide variety of colours present in the colour chart. We have our products available in many shades and artistic patterns. Explore our products and choose the one that suits you.

Robe icon

One of the most comfortable outfits to wear for a night’s sleep and at home. We offer different styles of robes in various sizes and fabrics.

Shower Curtains icon

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains help lessen the bathroom clean-up time. A clean bathroom brings safety and maintains good hygiene. Our stock of shower curtains is present in diverse shades and patterns.

Napkin icon

Tablecloths and napkins are two items we sell in all types of colours and patterns. Our table linen products have excellent quality and texture for a happy meal experience.

Stack of towel

Bulk Towels

We offer quality towels for gyms and salons

Portrait of handsome chef


Comfortable attire for your team of professionals

Close-up of hands putting stack of fresh white bath towels on the bed sheet


We accommodate bulk orders for affordability

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